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We are conducting in-person meetings and Zoom/phone meetings. We are vaccinated and willing to wear a mask if it makes you more comfortable.

Once you select a service, please choose how you would like to meet.

College Services

College Services : Initial Consultation - "College Reality Check"

Avoid heading blindly into the college planning process. We help determine what you can afford and how to find schools that fit your budget (and avoid those that won’t). We will discuss educational tax strategies and other ways to reduce your cost

~New clients should start here.~

Duration: 1 hour

Price: $ 135.00

College Services : Comprehensive Financial Aid Services

Eliminate the STRESS and ANXIETY of the college aid system. We expertly guide you through the entire financial aid process (including the FAFSA form), so you feel confident you’ve sought out every opportunity to reduce the cost.

~Additional fees may apply if the CSS Profile form is needed.~

Duration: 1 hour

Price: $ 375.00

Additional Services

Additional Services : Tax Preparation

Kids in college make tax preparation more complex. We specialize in preparing taxes for college-age families, which means one less thing for you to stress over.

Duration: 30 minutes

Additional Services : Retirement Planning

Many clients tell me that college crept up on them. Unfortunately, many parents have let retirement sneak up on them too. We work with you to avoid making that same mistake twice!

Duration: 1 hour

Existing Clients

Existing Clients : Quick Conversation

Need to set up a time for a brief telephone/Zoom conversation or ask a question?

Duration: 15 minutes

Existing Clients : Follow Up Meeting

Need a follow up meeting meeting to discuss a college, tax, or other financial issue?

Duration: 1 hour

Price: $ 135.00